Frequently Asked Questions

Read below to discover more about the Seamless360 process

I’m interested, what is my first step?

Contact us today to schedule a free, no obligation, walkthrough of your business or residence. We recommend the owner and anyone involved in marketing join the process.

What is a Seamless360 Walk Through?

A Seamless360 Technician will collaborate with you to customized your virtual tour. Go where the camera goes during the walkthrough as we map out the floor plan, make staging recommendations, and discuss special features to highlight in the tour. From here, we will schedule your Seamless360 Photo Shoot.

How long does the Seamless360 Photo Shoot Take?

This visit is booked in your Walkthrough phase for next day or within the same week depending on time needed for staging purposes. The Seamless360 Photo Shoot can take 1- 3hrs depending on how large the business or residence is. A Seamless360 Technician will work efficiently, and on your schedule, so day to day operations are not disrupted. We ask for there to be no foot traffic and all lighting to be turned on.

How soon will I have my Seamless360 Customized Virtual Tour?

The tour creation, editing, and customization will take 1- 3 business days depending on the scope of project. Once the media package is completed, a Seamless360 Technician will review your Customized Virtual Tour with you.

You’ve delivered my Custom Virtual Tour, now what

This is just the beginning! We partner with you, and make recommendations to get your tour the exposure it deserves. When your Media Package is delivered, assist you in publishing it through the various markets, social media platforms and networks that you are comfortable with.

How do I manage my Virtual Tour: activation, deactivation, cancellation

Your Seamless360 Virtual Tour is hosted free for 3 months. After that, your tour can stay active as long as you like with $15 per month hosting. If you need to stop or pause your service, the tour will stay Archived for 6 months and then will need to be renewed or deleted.

How do I know if I will need to pay the Seamless360 Monthly Hosting

If you are a business or need longer than the complementary 3 months of hosting. Hosting is only $15 per month with no commitment, or cancellation fee.